Image: Boxing Results: Efe Ajagba Defeats “Big Shot” Shaw at Turning Stone!

Boxing Outcomes: Efe Ajagba Beats “Large Shot” Shaw At Switching Rock!

By Ken Hissner: At Transforming Rock Hotel & Casino Site, Verona, New York City, Saturday over ESPN+ as well as ESPN Bob Arum (Top Ranking) provided generally Occasion Heavyweight Efe Ajagba beating Stephan “Big Shot” Shaw over 10 boring rounds.

In the co-feature, unbeaten heavyweight Guido “The Gladiator” Vianello, however well in advance, was come by a cut from Jonnie Rice after 6 rounds.

Generally Occasion 2016 Olympic heavyweight Nigerian Efe Ajagba, 17-1 (13), #235.25, of Ughelli, NIG, as well as Stafford TX, quickly beat hesitant Stephan “Big Shot” Shaw, 18-1-1nc (13), #239.5, of St. Louis, MO, over 10 boring rounds.

In the very first 3 rounds, there was little activity, with Ajagba’s stab winning all 3. From the 4th with the 8th rounds, Shaw remains to pack up, seeking a large strike however tossing a couple of while jumping around the ring. Ajagba’s stab won every round. The followers are allowing them understand they are not pleased with the absence of activity.

In the 9th round, the absence of activity proceeded till the last strike, an uncommon one from Shaw, a precisely the chin of Ajagba.

In the tenth as well as last round, the followers still asked for some activity, as well as Shaw recognizing he required a ko, the absence of activity proceeded for 10 rounds. The umpire was Charlie Fitch.

Ratings were 96-94 by all courts as well as 100-90 by the author.

Super Featherweight Adam “Blunose” Lopez, 16-4-1nc (6), #129, of Glendale, CA, was gone down two times, shedding a choice to Abraham “El Super” Nova, 22-1 (15), #129, of Carolina, PUBLIC RELATIONS, as well as Albany, NY, 10 rounds.

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In the very first 3 rounds, Nova coming off his very first loss by ko, was the assailant, while Lopez though winning his last battle, was gone down two times as well as relocates about in circles seeking a great strike, being outworked as well as not having a fan-friendly design. In the 4th round’s middle a precisely the chin from Nova went down Lopez for an 8-count from Umpire Mark Nelson. He stood up as well as ran the remainder of the round.

In the 6th round, a glazing left on the chin from Nova as well as a press as well as down went Lopez for one more 8-count from umpire Nelson. In the 8th round, Lopez tossed a great deal of light-power type the last secs after Nova managed the round.

In the 9th round, with a min staying, Nova landed 3 strong strikes on the chin of an unwilling Lopez, that required a ko to win. In the tenth as well as last round, Lopez was outworking Nova till the last secs when an ideal uppercut from Nova shook Nova.

Ratings were 97-91 as well as 98-90 like this author.

In the co-feature 2016 Olympic Heavyweight Guido “The Gladiator” Vianello, 10-1-1 (9), #239, of Roma, Lazio IT, as well as Las Las Vega, NV, was quit on a reduced by Jonathan “Jonnie” Rice, 16-6-1 (11), #274.25, of Los Angeles, CA, quit after 6 rounds because of a cut brought on by a head butt that didn’t reveal throughout the round. 10 rounds.

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In the very first 3 rounds, Rice returned after a year a late below was outworked by Vianello. In the 4th round, the “sparring” session proceeds. They have actually competed previously, as well as Rice is treating it like one more one while Vianello’s stab wins one more round.

In the 5th round last secs, Rice lastly landed a precisely the chin of Vianello, that proceeded winning the rounds with his stab. The followers are revealing their annoyance with the absence of activity.

In the 6th round, an uncommon right from Rice triggered a cut on the left brow as well as nose blood loss of Vianello midway with the round. The cut virtually quit the battle in between rounds.

In the 7th round, the ring medical professional was generated by umpire Esteves that declares the cut was from a clash of heads though it was clear it was from a strike per the replay throughout the battle though a replay isn’t admitted New york city to identify a result of a battle.

The analysts brought the umpire over to reveal it was a strike, not a headbutt. Though well in advance, Vianello’s cut quit the battle. As it ended up, the unusual one strike from Rice wins the battle not by ko however by triggering a cut.

Welter Brian “The Assassin ll” Norman, Jr., 23-0-1nc (19), #149, of Atlanta, GA, racked up a knockdown beating southpaw Rodrigo Damian Coria, 10-5 (2), #148.25, of Cordoba, ARG, as well as Salem, MASS, over 8.

In the preliminary, Norman stormed out as well as had Coria terribly injured as well as virtually quit when Norman began holding till his head got rid of. He recouped well. In the following 3 rounds, Coria held his very own with Norman, that might have done so much boxing in the very first 2 mins he might have punched himself out.

In the 5th round, Norman appeared to obtain his 2nd wind having a great round. In the 7th round’s last min, southpaw Coria injured Norman with a strong left on the chin. In the 8th as well as last round, Norman injured Coria with a left hook on the chin however left him off the hook. Coria returned well, having the side the remainder of the round.

Ratings were 79-72 as well as 77-74, two times the like this author.

The umpire was Mark Nelson.

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Super Plume Place “The Hitman” Brady, Jr., 9-0 (4), #132.75, of Albany, GA, beat Ruben “El Tigrillo” Cervera, 13-4-1nc (11), #129.25, of Santa Marta, CARBON MONOXIDE, over 8 rounds.

In the preliminary, Brady was available in numerous extra pounds over, as well as not the very first time utilizing a strong stab taking the very first 2 rounds versus Cervera though hemorrhaging from the mouth in the very first.

In the 3rd round, it was Cervera returning, taking the round as well as outworking Brady.

In the 5th round’s last secs, a right from Cervera on the chin virtually went down Brady.

In the 6th round, Cervera was alerted for the 2nd time by Umpire Benjy Esteves, Jr., for appealing the break. In the last min, Brady shook Cervera with a lead right uppercut to the chin. In the 7th round, Brady remains to obtain struck by right-hand men.

In the 8th as well as last round, Brady returned in a close battle to take the round. Brady is handled by David McWater as well as is currently educated by “Bozy” Ennis.

Ball games were 78-74, 79-73, 80-72, as well as my 77-75.

Light Hefty Dante Benjamin, 5-0 (3), #174, of Cleveland, OH, quit Emmanueal Austin, 6-1 (6), #175, of New Orleans, LA, as well as Panama City, FL, at 2:50 of the preliminary of a 6.

In the preliminary, a left hook from Benjamin shook Austin after 20 secs. Later on in the round, a 3-punch mix from Benjamin on the chin as well as down went Austin for an 8-count from Umpire Mark Nelson.

Benjamin leapt all over him, having him unprotected versus the ropes when Austin ordered him. The umpire divided them however didn’t place Benjamin back an action when he struck Austin, as well as he got on the means down when the umpire swung it off.

Plume Bruce “Shu Shu” Carrington, 5-0 (3), #128, of Brownsville Brooklyn, NY, southpaw Juan “The Wolf” Antonio Lopez, 17-12-1 (7), #127.5, of MEX as well as Ft. Well Worth, TX, 6 rounds.

In the preliminary, Lopez was the assailant for half a round till Carrington landed a set of ideal uppercuts to the chin. From there on, he offered Lopez a boxing lesson utilizing his stab. In the following 2 rounds, neither fighter had a side as Lopez functioned the body as well as Carrington utilizing his stab.

It was the twelfth unbeaten challenger Lopez had actually dealt with.

In the 4th as well as 5th rounds, Umpire Benjy Esteves, Jr. alerted Carrington two times regarding utilizing his shoulder as well as alerted Lopez various times for holding. Esteves is a superb umpire. In the 6th as well as last round, Carrington proceeded out-landing Lopez.

Ratings were all 60-54, with this author 59-55.

Super Light Bryce Mills, 11-1 (4), #143, of Syracuse, NY, beat Margarito Hernandez, 3-4-1, #144.25, of Wapato, WA, over 6 rounds.
In the preliminary, it was all with the group well behind him, Mills triggering blood from the left ear of Hernandez.

The ring medical professional examined him out, standing up the 2nd round. In the secondly with the 4th rounds, Hernandez returned, making it affordable though behind by numerous rounds.

In the 5th, Mills proceeded out-landing Hernandez as well as was well in advance. In the 6th as well as last round, it was affordable, with Mills having the side. The umpire was Charlie Fitch.

Ball games were 60-54 by all courts as well as 59-55 by this author.

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